Tuesday 24 June 2014





Wanton skins



     1.Wanton Skins packet


2.   1 egg ,pour it 1/4 cup of water,beat well (egg wash)



For Filling:



  3. One finely chopped onion.

 4.Mutton keema 1/4 th kg(vegetarians can replace this vegetables)







     5.Ginger garlic paste(1 teaspoon)


         6.Maggie liquis seasoning sauce(you can replace this with fish or oyester sauce as per taste) 1 teaspoon


7. Soya sauce(1 teaspoon)






        8.cornflour(1 tablespoon)

  9.White pepper powder(1 tablespoon)

10 .salt (1 teaspoon or as per taste)

Method of Preparation:

1. First of wall wash Mutton keema well,add 1 teaspoon gingergarlic paste and a pinch of turmeric powder.Cook in a cooker for 1 whistle with a little water.

2.Strain the keema mixture and keep it separate.

3.You can use the filtered water and use as soup.

4.Now take a bowl,put the boiled mutton keema,add chopped onion,corn flour,soyasauce,maggie sauce,white pepper and salt.Mix well.

Mutton Keema wanton filling

5.Wanton Making:

Step 1.Take 2 wanton skins.Place them on a clean and dry plate.

wanton skins

 Step 2. Brush on the upper side of wanton skins with egg wash with food brush.

Step 3: Place a teaspoon of Keema mixture in the centre of the wanton skins.

Step4.Fold the bottom ends of the wanton skin to close and meet the upper ends of the wanton.

Step 5.Now bring the two corner of the upper fold together and overlap them and press tightly so that the filling doest not come out.

Step 6.Wrap all the wanton skins till the keema mixture is available.


Now the wantons are ready to fry in oil.

Step 7.Preheat oil and fry wantons in low heat.Fry them till both sides are brownish and crispier.

Serve the hot and crispy Mutton Keema fried wantons with tomato sauce.

Here you go...